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BlueScope’s GALVASPAN® steel is a high strength, continuous-coated galvanised steel product which has been developed for cold forming into a wide range of purlin sizes.

GALVASPAN® steel has a hi-tensile steel core and is available with a guaranteed minimum yield strength of 450MPa, 500MPa or 550MPa across a range of thicknesses, including very light gauges for the highest strength (G550) material.  This means lighter sections can be used and fixing times can be reduced using self-drilling, self-tapping screws. 

GALVASPAN® steel is available in Z350 and Z450 coating classes providing a high standard of corrosion resistance, durability and long life.

Coating class recommendations for a range of building applications and further selection guidance information is available in BlueScope’s Technical Bulletin 17 ‘Selection guide for zinc-coated steel purlin products’.